About Dr. Daizo Kawasaki

Daizo Kawasaki, MD, PhD

Section Head, Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory

Dr. Kawasaki is a medical specialist of Japanese Circulation Society (JCS) and Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics (CVIT).
He was elected Best Doctors® (2014-2015 & 2016-17 & 2018-19 & 2020-21 & 2022-23).
He is one of the national leaders in Japan for treatment of peripheral artery disease.
Dr. Kawasaki has served as one of the researchers for numerous clinical trials.
Please do not hesitate contact me if you and your family have any foot trouble.

Contact : kawasaki@omichikai.or.jp
Hospital name : Morinomiya Hospital (355 beds)
Address : 2-1-88,Morinomiya ,Joto-ku,Osaka,Osaka,Japan
Tel : +81-6-6969-0111, FAX : +81-6-6969-8001




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